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Early Bird & After Hours Specials

Monday thru Friday

7 am -9 am & 6 pm - 8 pm

$13.00 !

Monthly Wash packages Now Available!

on certain washes....

$20.00 Off 

* Cannot be combined with Any other offers.

* Not good on previous detail.

** Oversize and Depth of cleaning charges

May apply.

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Premium Double Wash

Spin Lite 

 Basic Spin lite


Early Bird & after Hours Specials

Mon- Fri

7am - 9am also 6pm - 8pm


Check out our NEW "State of the art"  Express SpinLite Car Wash Tunnel!!

 FREE VACUUMS & FREE Use of towels for PAYING Look Nu Express Customers during Lobby hours!

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deluxe Spin Lite


Early Bird & after Hours Specials
Mon- Fri

7 am - 9 am also 6 pm - 8 pm​

​$8.00 !

$10.00 Off

Super Wax

*Cannot be combined with any other offer.

*Not good on a previous detail. 

** Oversize and depth of cleaning charges

may apply. 

All New...Wash Clubs!

Premium Spin Lite Wash - $34.95

Deluxe Spin Lite Wash - $24.95

Basic Spin Lite Wash - $14.95

Wash your car once a day for an entire month!